How to keep your Firearms clean?

How to Keep Your Firearms Clean?

How to Keep Your Firearms Clean?

An owner of a firearm knows well about its worth, but there are many who don’t care much about the protection and cleaning of their firearms, or they know very little about maintenance of their weapons. There are many ways to take care for the firearms like oil, Cleaning with cloth and at last keeping them in Gun Sleeves or gun cases.

Most people buy shotguns and rifles due to interest but they cannot care well for them and as a result, it cannot be used after some time due to the dust inside it. First of all, you have to clean the gun bore with a Phosphor-Bronze Brush and Bore-Solve supreme bore solvent, but it will be better to use bristle brush instead because it is made of Natural Hairs.

These things clean out any residue or gunpowder inside the bore. Next is to clean the chamber with a nylon jag or a Herringbone patch this will remove all the contaminated solvents on it. Next Step is to oil the gun bore with a wool mop with Rangoon oil, the mop you are using for oiling purpose should be clean.

The wool mop can be cleaned easily by washing it in soapy water, then let it dry after that dip it in Rangoon oil then apply it on the gun bore. Never forget to relieve the tension in main spring, insert a pair of snap caps and fire it dry, then put a muzzle suffer in the barrel this will keep those snap caps in their place, and it will also keep those oil vapors in the barrel.

This will also keep the dirt out of the barrel and protects your gun barrel for a longer time, then clean your gun from outside with a cloth, but before you need to fire the gun again clean all the traces of oil inside the barrel, clean it until all the oil is removed.

Always check the chamber around the forcing cone for the powder residue or else it may damage the gun. If you want to clean a rifle or pistol, all methods are same just use diamond jag instead of split brass jag. After all the cleaning is done put the gun or rifle in a gun case safely.

Better is to use a hard plastic case because they are waterproof and protect the gun from the moisture to corrode. Not only this there are many gun cases which are light in weight and can be easily placed in car or jeep. If you are on foot then many smaller gun cases like nylon or leather are available in the market, these cases are handy and long lasting, and they are comfortable to carry with you if you are going for animal hunting on foot.

For pistol cases, you can strap it on your belt. Gun cases or sleeves are the most efficient way to keep your firearms safe for a much longer period. It is one of the cheapest and efficient accessories for your weapon protection.